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SGI.5 Delivers Unmatched Speed, High Feeds and Tight Accuracies for Complex Applications

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Super Geometric Intelligence 5 (SGI.5), the latest evolution of Makino's advanced motion control, enhances the performance of machining centers in complex contoured, 3-D tool, die and mold applications. The proprietary software and motion control/servo technology shortens machining time and excels at high feed rates and higher spindle speeds, resulting in greater productivity.

SGI.5 facilitates previously unachievable levels of accuracy and unprecedented reductions in cycle time. It’s available as a standard feature on the latest Makino horizontal and vertical machining centers. Depending upon the specific geometry of an application, SGI.5 can provide 20 to 60 percent faster cycle times while maintaining accuracy and surface finishes.

Run Faster and More Accurately

Faster and more accurate production begins with the outstanding kinematics of Makino machining centers and the superior performance and tuning of the machine drive systems. SGI.5 combines these strengths with the latest advancements in servo drive technologies. The results on either vertical or horizontal machining centers: SGI.5 produces unmatched speed, high feeds and tight accuracies when executing NC programs with micro-blocks whose traverse movement value is 1 mm or less.

In high-performance milling applications featuring complex 3-D, curved surfaces, the software and servo controls move the tool accurately and smoothly. On-the-fly, three-dimensional compensation enables the machine to precisely track programmed tool paths on intricate mold contours, feature blends and matches — even at five times or more the feed rates of conventional large machines. As a result, SGI.5 delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity with higher feedrates
  • Tighter tolerances in complex geometric features
  • Significantly reduced cycle times
  • Increased profitability

To meet demands for critical surface qualities, operators of Makino machines can engage SGI.5 to produce better surface finishes with minimal cutter deviation transitioning from one cutter path to another, oftentimes within a 3µm step between machined surfaces. SGI.5 also enables operators to improve the accuracy of small feature details in molds for medical components and automotive lenses. These technologies combine to virtually eliminate, or significantly reduce, final handwork of complex contoured surfaces. This reduction in handwork enables manufacturers to shrink lead-times, redeploy staff to other processes, further increasing overall productivity and slashing costs.

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