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Go Big or Go Home: Fast, Accurate Sinker EDMs for Huge Workpieces

The dilemma that shop owners have always seemed to face is how to produce large parts not only quickly but also precisely. With commodity sinker EDMs, the choice has always been made for owners: Production of large parts is either quick or precise, but rarely both.

Until now.

Makino introduced its EDNC-Series sinker EDMs to ensure an ideal blend of speed, surface finish and reduced electrode wear. It’s a tough combination to beat for jobs in large work envelopes that also require delicate, fine features with high accuracy.

“Large commodity sinker EDMs experience significant performance drop-off in accuracy, surface finish and machine speed compared to standard-size sinker EDM machines,” said Brian Pfluger, Makino’s EDM product line manager. “The Makino EDNC-Series machines overcome these challenges with key technologies that achieve small sinker EDM performance on machines designed to handle large workpieces.”

To accomplish this, the design of the EDNC-Series features:

  • High-mass castings to ensure mechanical and thermal stability
  • A stationary table for accurate positioning regardless of workpiece size or weight
  • A space-saving integrated reservoir in the base casting to reduce machine footprint size and improve machine thermal stability
  • Dual-anchored direct-drive ball screws that maintain precision long term
  • Programmable rise and fall work tank design allows friendly ergonomic access to the work zone for loading/unloading of large work pieces
  • Standard safety equipment (Flame Sensor and Fire Extinguisher) for secure unattended machine operation

Advanced Technologies Power Sinker EDM Quality

All Makino EDM machines include the revolutionary Hyper-i control interface for user-friendly operation. The control intelligently streamlines the touch-screen interface to enable operators of all skill levels to achieve the most efficient and accurate results.

The EDNC-Series combines the Hyper-i control with HyperCut machining technology to boost productivity. HyperCut is a new generator technology that improves roughing speeds by up to 30 percent without affecting workpiece accuracy or surface quality by increasing power levels without requiring additional reduction on the electrode. The technology also minimizes electrode wear while providing the fastest possible machining speed.

The EDNC-Series of sinker EDM machines are equipped with Makino technologies that maximize machine power and quality.

SuperSpark IV is an advanced adaptive control that optimizes the machining discharge power and electrode jump motions during roughing and finishing operations. This technology is especially effective on rib or drafted electrodes and, when combined with HyperCut settings, can reduce total machining time by up to 50 percent.

Likewise, all EDNC-Series sinker EDMs can be equipped with Makino’s proprietary High-Quality Surface Finish™ (HQSF). The technology yields achievable surface-finish capabilities 50 percent better than conventional surface finishes using graphite electrodes, regardless of discharge surface area. A big benefit: HQSF can extend tool life through improved surface integrity, and it can also reduce cycle time even when fine surface finishes are not required.

Produce Big Workpieces with Small Details

The EDNC-Series offers similar performance, capability and user friendliness as the Makino EDAF-Series of sinker EDM machines, but in a larger machine platform.

EDNC machines are capable of high-speed jump Z-axis motions up to 20 meters per minute with a 1.5G acceleration rate using the optional HS-Rib Z-axis, making them just as productive and accurate as smaller machines. The EDNC6 and EDNC8 use a programmable three-sided drop work tank to improve operator access. The machines can be integrated with automation to increase productivity and maximize unattended operation.

To accommodate massive, heavy workpieces that require producing fine features, Makino has extended its sinker EDM line to include the EDNC10, EDNC15, EDNC20, and EDNC21. These machines handle workloads from 6,614 pounds to 22,047 pounds.

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