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Shorter Lead Times, Lower Mold Testing Costs with Millutensil Spotting Press

When can a spotting press be more than just the tool for fitting, grinding and repairing molds?

Answer: When the press is designed to operate as a mold validation process solution that lowers costs and improves lead-time and delivery of tools.

That’s why Single Source Technologies (SST), a North American distributor of machinery brands such as Makino, added Millutensil spotting presses to its advanced die and mold manufacturing solutions. Millutensil, founded in 1955, is a worldwide leader in the production of die and mold spotting presses and die-splitters. The company provides a highly precise, quick-turn solution for verifying the quality of finished dies and molds, further enhancing customers’ global competitiveness.

Fitting and spotting is historically one of the biggest and most costly labor components in mold making. The process of checking the contacting surfaces between the lower and upper parts of the mold also can be unpredictable and delay completion of a mold. Reducing spotting time can shorten overall lead times and lower the tool’s cost.

Spotting presses can split molds and lift and tilt the upper and lower halves of the mold to provide access for inspection and modifications as needed. Moreover, using a spotting press can transform mold making by keeping the mathematical shape of the mold contours intact. As a result, molds can be repaired easily and identical replacement components can be made and easily swapped out.

“With increasing design complexity, technical standards and lead-time requirements for dies and molds, traditional methods for spotting inhibit long-term competitiveness, which is why SST is excited to offer Millutensil spotting presses,” said David Warren, SST national sales manager.

Advantages to Shop Owners

  • SAFETY — Millutensil presses minimize dangerous mold handling by cranes, forklift trucks or other lifting equipment. Also, the patented SITEMA Safety Device is externally connected and always on lock. Different from mechanical multi-hole or toothed bar systems, this safety device prevents the press ram from falling in case the hydraulic system fails.
  • ERGONOMICS — Both platens rotate as much as 360 degrees and tilt as much as 75 degrees depending on the model, making molds easily accessible for maintenance with a simple tap of a control touch panel.
  • PRODUCTIVITY — Some shops use production presses to adjust a mold. Not only is using this dangerous, but it interrupts production. With a Millutensil spotting press, molds can be tested, adjusted and checked safely while saving time and money.
  • ACCURACY — Millutensil presses have high repeatability and accuracy. The Parallelism Control System gauges the upper plate’s position to ensure an even stroke and brings the two halves together with precision.
  • EASE OF USE — Spotting operations are intuitive and simple. Onboard diagnostics immediately report errors and display information about how to resolve the issue, enabling quick troubleshooting and lower service costs.

The spotting presses’ resin injection unit enables manufacturers to produce sample castings in two distinct, reusable special thermoplastics. The toolmaker can then check the casting characteristics, the complete mold filling, the dimensional accuracy and tightness of the mold as well as undercuts and de-molding. This feature supports the production of higher quality molds and helps reduce correction grinding through reproducibility.

“The shop owner can say to customers, ‘This is how we know the mold is accurate,’ Warren said. ‘This validation not only completes the die-mold process but it provides the quality assurance of a premier mold shop.’ ”

Millutensil spotting presses are designed to improve production speed and safety by reducing time-intensive mold handling and delays due to tilting upon opening and closure. With the push of two buttons, Millutensil spotting presses can place mold halves in a comfortable working position and carry out a test injection or spotting stroke. This capability is particularly advantageous in the manufacture and reconditioning of large, complex molds.

“The net result is shorter lead-times, greater safety, higher quality and improved workforce efficiency,” Warren said.

More Information

Millutensil spotting presses are now available at SST. For pricing and inquiries, please contact Single Source Technologies at (248) 232-6200 or email [email protected].