Out Front with Andre Ey

Weathering the Storm

Almost a year ago, I talked here about how tough our die mold and EDM market is, as well as the opportunities we have if we put our minds to it. Little did we know that a global recession was just around the corner, bringing our markets to a dead stop, similar to a plane holding at 30,000 feet waiting for a storm to blow by underneath before landing.

Looking at today’s environment, it seems as though the storm is slowly clearing and we are approaching recovery. Most recently we have seen business backlogs increase and work week hours going back to 50 to 60 per week, indicating that the troubled banking system and automotive OEM’s are nearing the end of the restructuring. Programs are being released and investments are being made for the future.

Makino is weathering the storm as well, standing by our long-term commitment to the die and mold marketplace. We have developed and introduced new products and continued to develop innovative process solutions to meet our customer’s requirements for machining parts to zero-stock, mirror surface finishes and sub-micron accuracies.

This edition of Competitive Mold Maker provides you with another set of real life success stories of teamwork between our customers and our application engineering group, resulting in the ultimate performance of machines, operators, tools and metrology.

If the stories and pictures do not speak a thousand words, and you are more of a hands-on type of person, please join us September 16-17 at our bi-annual Advanced Manufacturing and High-Precision Technology Expo in our Auburn Hills Technology Center. See state of the art machining technology and innovative process solutions first hand that will help you revitalize your manufacturing operations.

Andre Ey
Vice President
Makino Die Mold & EDM Technologies
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