Out Front with Andre Ey

Growth in the Die/Mold Industry Continues

The renaissance of the North American die/mold market continues in 2014 at all-time high levels. The Gardner moldmaking business index in May was at 56.0, which showed strong growth for the fifth straight month and the fastest rate of growth since August 2013. Overseas manufacturing investments in North America, led by the automotive industry giants, continue to fuel the die/mold market and its supply base.

IMTS 2014 is right around the corner and opens its doors to the largest technical “candy store” in North America. On display will be the latest and greatest manufacturing tools, promising to improve efficiency, increase your bottom line and put your company ahead of the competition.

With three years of solid business as a foundation, many companies will be looking to the show to help them find the next piece of machinery to meet their business needs. Still, many of you will face the dilemma of trying to figure out what will fit your needs not only today but also three to five years from now. Should you purchase another vertical or maybe a horizontal machining center? Do you need more automation? Should you obtain 5-axis or will 3-axis be sufficient?

This edition of Competitive Mold Maker highlights two of our customers that have asked these very questions. One zeroed in on a horizontal machining center for their shop in order to improve efficiencies with multiple part setups. The pallet changer and highly reliable spindle technology combined with a thermally controlled stable machining structure helped the company to run a lights-out operation.

The second customer chose a Vi-Series vertical machining center that allowed for zero stock machining and eliminated polishing. These results were made possible through patented under-race spindle lubrication technology that eradicates thermal growth and leads to hours and days of unattended machining.

Both customers are unique in their organizational structure and business needs, as is your company. The common denominator is that they sought our consultation and dialogue in order to decide what made the most sense for their company needs.

We trust that if you have similar discussions within your organization that you would also seek our help—whether it is at IMTS 2014, at our North American Die/Mold Technical Center in Auburn Hills, Mich., or through your local Makino contacts. We look forward to speaking with you!


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