Out Front with Andre Ey

Success in the Face of Adversity

Competitive Mold Maker gives Makino an opportunity to not only share remarkable success stories of our customers, but also open up to you on topics we’re experiencing. In our last issue we discussed the challenging economic climate and shared inspiring stories of two shops that made dynamic capital investments to prepare for the storm ahead. At Makino, we too had a set of goals to brave the storm.

In early 2009, when the global recession appeared on the horizon, Makino employees and management jointly put together plans to maintain our workforce. Today I can proudly share that we’ve achieved this goal and come out of the recession stronger than ever. We are deeply appreciative of each and every employee in the Makino organization as well as the commitment of our customers in helping us solidify our position in the industry.

In this issue of Competitive Mold Maker, we describe three extraordinary application and organizational achievements accomplished by our customers and engineering team. As the economy begins its recovery, these manufacturers are taking the necessary steps to charge forward in the new market landscape, leading with technology and innovation.

At Makino, we’re looking beyond the tough times into the long-term future by heavily investing in research and development. This year we’ve released several new technologies perfectly suited for a variety of die/mold shops. The new F-Series vertical machining centers offer the stiffness, rigidity, agility and accuracy ideal for complex, 3-D contoured geometries. Our UPV-3 and UPV-5 ultra-high-precision WEDMs are designed with an oil-based dielectric fluid system for high-accuracy machining of hardened materials and mirror-like surface-finishing capabilities. Lastly, the EDAF series Ram EDMs feature a new mechanical design for increased rigidity and reduced thermal distortion in uncontrolled thermal environments and long hours of unattended burning.

As you also look to energize your business for the future, our staff will be readily available to help you establish a competitive advantage with cutting-edge technology and innovative machining strategies.

Andre Ey
Vice President
Makino Die Mold & EDM Technologies
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