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Micromachining Showcase

Machining 61 0.002-inch diameter holes with 10:1 aspect ratio in 303 Stainless

Featured Part: Micro Fluid Metering Plate
Material: 303 Stainless Steel
(61) 0.002-inch diameter holes with 10:1 aspect ratio
0.020-inch part thickness

A V22 equipped with a 0.050 mm diameter drill was used to machine 61 individual 0.002-inch micro holes into a flat 0.020-inch-thick 303 stainless steel plate.

Makino’s hybrid ATLM tool tip contact sensor was utilized for automated, quick, repeatable setup of the micro cutters. The machine’s Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI) control system provided high-precision positioning accuracy of the drill tip throughout the machining process, enabling a precise and stable chip load while achieving high Z-axis rapid feedrate. To reduce tooling runout, a high-precision collet holder assembly was utilized.

The part was fixtured to an Erowa Compact Combi / Right Angle tooling chuck for simple on and off chucking and in-process inspections.

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